Are Viruses planning for Pincer attack??

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The times are changing, and therefore the viruses are toochanging their approach of attack and are starting to follow a comprehensive military strategy of flanking the enemy and attacking them when they are most vulnerable.  Even as we say, COVID 19 is wreaking havoc across the globe without discriminating its victims. At the same time other brethren of COVID 19’s is getting ready to flank the world and launch a pincer attack.

It a simple saying “An army is as good as its commanding general”, and this time it seems as if the viruses have indeed got themselves a wise and crafty Commanding General to rally and help them wreak havoc to diminish the enemy populace (the humans). The New Commanding General of the viruses is letting the world know of their growth, not only in terms of their potency but also in terms of the military strategy and strength.

While the world is still facing the crisis of COVID 19 which has lasted more than a month now and has a soaring death toll to a skyscraping number of 24,090 already is still endeavoring for more and is progressing its march across the globe and eliminating anything and everything standing in its path. This is indeed what we humans call “The March Of Glory” in any battlefield. Though we humans across the world areattempting the struggle to raise a resistance against this march and turn the tide of the battle in our favor.

But as discussed earlier the war against the viruses this time has a major difference in terms of the commanding capacity from viruses. Yes, their New Commanding General, which I think has the capacity to visualize, perceive and even predict 1-2 steps ahead of the enemy which this time are ‘we humans’. The way their New Commanding General is using the military strategy of flanking the enemy from both sides and launching a pincer attack to destroy the enemy formation and reduce & run havoc through the enemy (Human population) ranks while the enemy (Human Beings) is still trying to understand the situation and get over the confusion and chaos created after the commencement of attack is proving to be a comprehensive strategy against the enemy(Human Beings) with as large number as we Humans Beings have.

As of now we Humans are trying to protect one side of our flank which is being attacked by the enemy known to us as “COVID 19” virus. Putting all our effort to rally the humans to fight against this crisis is a good thing and we need to shut it down as quickly as possible because while guarding one side of our flank,  we are leaving ourselves open and unguarded from the other side to the enemy known as “Hantavirus”  which is waiting for an opportunity to attack for the last three years.

Sitting in quite, watching from the shadows, decreasing our ranks slowly but steadily without attracting too much attention and blending in with the crowd of low level viruses to lower any kind of suspicion towards it like a professional assassinbefore launching a full scale attack to our other flank which is left unguarded because of COVID 19.

There is a simple saying “that the battle starts by knowing your enemy”, so let’s get to know our silent assassin which has been working form the shadows in detail in our next blog.

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official writer - Abhishek Jha

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