Big Boys Don’t Cry

We are living in a world where we are talking about women empowerment and uplifting women’s status. Who are these people who are not letting their guard down? These people have created superstitions about things but the worst part is that they are not letting things change.

Who decided what is right and what is wrong, all this is done by humans. There is no specification about what is to be done by whom. While we talk about women, we say that everyone has the right to do what they want to do, why girls are allowed to choose professions they like and boys are not. Many people say that being a boy is relaxing, one doesn’t have to care about what they are wearing or where and when they are going but it is not what it looks like.

There are many restrictions in our society and even the parents are putting on boys which goes unseen. They are not allowed to cry because boys don’t cry. Expressing one’s emotion is always good for mental health, when one cries they release the stress they are carrying. It helps in focusing on the solution to the problem.

Just because of the habit of controlling emotions, the suicide rate is the most in between 25-35 age group. It is the age where one has to go on with their career, find someone they love, get married. The pressure is so high that slipping way turns out to be the best decision for them. There are many cultures where it is pre-decided who has to do what. We are always happy to know that a girl out there is studying hard to be a scientist or working creatively to be a fashion designer. But what if a boy in your family comes up and says that he wants to be a make-up artist or painter, there are restrictions.

In the case of India, as a boy born family gets relaxed because now, they know where to put all pressure on. He is asked not to cry since he is a small child, as he is the man of the family now, he has to take care of his parents after their retirement. He has to do a good job to earn money. What if he doesn’t want it? What if he is a free soul who wants to draw or to cook.

We have a lot of social media platforms where people are showcasing their talent. You might have seen memes created about boys applying makeup on themselves and turning themselves into Girls. We criticize them because we think that this work is not appropriate for them. Just because these people don’t have resources or models on whom they can work upon they are called out with terrible names. We need to realize the talent he has received from god. If a boy, without any professional training, can convert himself into a girl just with makeup. He can be one of the best artists we got in India with training.

We need to respect their decision, one has the right to choose whatever he wants. Just because you gave him birth it doesn’t state the fact that they need to carry on the family business. It might be something best for them, but internal happiness is above all.

One doesn’t have any right to force anyone what they want to do. Let everyone live a happy life where there is no stopping in the way of living life.

Official Writer - Honey Arora

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