North Korea blows up liaison office with South Korea in most serious provocation in years.

In 1950, after years of mutual hostilities, North Korea invaded South Korea in attempt to unify the peninsula under its communist rule. The subsequent Korean war which lasted from 1950 to 1953, ended with a stalemate and has left the two Koreans separated by the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) up to the present day- Wikipedia

The controversy begins starts between South Korea and North Korea to the issue of Peninsula. Recently, North Korea has blowing up the liaison office of South Korea by bomb after seeing the message received by the leaflet on balloon which were come from South Korea and it triggered warlike situation between the two nation.

South Korea discussed the issue with USA and made the mediator to resolve the issue

Two years after U.S President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un met in Singapore to discuss denuclearisation; little has been achieved in that direction. It is likely that the North is now trying to get back Mr. Trump’s attention- the Hindu

USA is already facing many problems such as Ramping up covid 19 cases, Staggering economy due to lockdown, Racial discrimination among the people, unable to cope with the situation of the pandemic. The situation became crucial after the joint military exercise has been started between USA and South Korea. Troubles was began started when the nuclear meeting had not worked between USA and North Korea on 31st December 2019.

North Korea is conducted the missile test which send the signal of wat to Seoul and Washington, hope after the situation become bad to worse but it should not be because of coronavirus outbreak every country not in situation of peninsula crisis via talks, he is going to follow the war situation. USA has already grappled the worse condition in the North Korea is worried about the behave of USA against dictators like Saddam Hussain, Muammar Gaddafi, it had hanged both of them and sanction on Iran for beach the rule of nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang has blamed the escalation on Seoul's inability to prevent defectors from flying anti-regime propaganda over the border. But it is likely that this is just being used as an excuse. The leafleting gives a "cause" for North Koreans to rally around. It was notable that once again, in the aftermath of the explosion, state media made reference to "human scum" - their description of North Korean defectors in the South. Kim Jong-un has failed to bring economic prosperity to his people and strict international sanctions remain in place. There are also persistent rumours that Covid-19 has affected rural parts of the country. Giving North Koreans a mutual enemy may help focus their attention elsewhere. Pyongyang is also angry at Seoul for not challenging Washington's insistence that strict sanctions should remain in place and for not pursuing inter-Korean projects which would have breached both UN and US sanctions. It feels as if North Korea could be punishing the South and with the aim of using the tension as leverage in future talks. Whatever the reason, this is a real slap in the face for a South Korean administration that pushed so hard for engagement – Analysis by Laura Bicker (Seoul correspondent)

In a statement, South Korea warned it would “respond strongly” if the North “continues to worsen the situation”

Now the time is not for war, this time to revive the time to revive the talk between North Korean and South Korea and USA will need to become their mediator for solving the issued to peninsula crisis. In spite of challenges in the face of USA, it should not give up efforts to bring the Korean talk back on track. It should resolve the issues between the two peninsulas by peace talks and bring the normalcy.

Official Writer - Sweta Kumari

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