Business Future Lies on Videos

Not sure about video marketing, don't know what is video marketing? want to know how to grow a business with video marketing. If you are not aware of digital marketing trends then this article will give you 10 reasons to use marketing videos, corporate videos, and videos for business growth.

1) New Trend

This year almost every business is moving toward digital marketing trends as according to Wyzol statistics 63% of businesses have started digital marketing trends and videos for business promotion. 83% of businesses sense that corporate video and marketing videos are now part of their strategy.

2) Sales and Conversion

Data is showing that video marketing services are increasing sales and conversion, product video can help to get increased conversion by 80%. Video marketing for small businesses is becoming more popular nowadays as studies show 74% of users who watched explainer videos about a product usually bought that product.

Video Marketing is the present and the future of Business Growth:

Videos are getting more attention than any other format like emails and PDFs, currently, 68% of consumers would prefer watching business promotional videos over reading a template or info book about any product. This tactic is even useful for video marketing ideas for real agents as well.

3) Building Trust

Many businesses practice video promotion for business and eventually, it will help, the more you show the more public trust you will get. Trust is one of the most important factors that's why business promotional videos and business video marketing is too important for every business irrespective of their size.

4) Better ROI

The corporate video production process is not that cheap yet businesses are always ready for it because it helps to collect a great Return on Investment. According to research, 83% of businesses say that they are getting higher ROI with video for business growth.

5) Google Knows the Value of Video:

Promotional video ideas are able to get people's attention which helps increase time spent by visitors on your website, according to Moovly, businesses which have a strategy of business marketing with video show first in google at least 53 times more than other businesses.

Grow Your Business With Youtube:

Google now owns youtube so video promotion for business will affect your search engine rank and youtube is a great platform to promote a business as youtube reports videos consumption rises 100% every year.

6) Videos Target Mobile Users

Every hand has a mobile in today's world and company promotional video can take advantage of it as according to a study 90% of consumer watch videos on their mobile and mobile videos views have grown up more than 233% science 2013, so video promotion for business can be done very well on mobile.

7) Lazy Buyers Love Videos

Video is a very easy tool to consume and people who don't want to use their time on reading about a product love to watch videos about the same product, it shows that video for business is very helpful to get more and more people for your product.

8)Video Becoming Social Interest

In 2015, 60% of total social marketers were using video content and almost all social media platforms have a business and video content sections and so many videos of new products went viral through these platforms, so video for business marketing is a nice trick to become more famous.

9)Helps in Buying Decisions

Video for business promotion helps to generate more customers for your product, according to a Forbes report 90% of people say video marketing is easier and helps them to make quick buying decisions.

10. Video Explains Everything

Marketing videos helps to show how a product works and explains every aspect of a product. 98% of people watch explainer videos to understand a product and its work. 45% of businesses use explainer video out of 83% says that they are happy with it.

Official Writer: Kartik Parashar

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