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“Staying alive to the hardships of its people, it must ensure that the harsh times are not further exacerbated” – quoted by The Hindu

The Ongoing pandemic has affected all across the board and making everyone to struggle with this. As the country badly hit by pandemic, everyone born the brunt of economic loss. Most people with lower income groups depend upon the govt. In this difficult time, the media reports revealed that exorbitant bills are being raised by the private sector hospitals for COVID -19 cases. The rates are different according to different states and costs were upwards of 7 lakhs for a minimum 14 days period of hospitalisation, even for mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic patients. If intensive care unit warranted then the rated would be much higher. So, few states decided to get involved rightly and set cap on the tariff that can be charged by the private hospitals however, Maharashtra was the first state that fixed the tariff and it was followed by Gujarat and Tamil Nadu as there were high number of cases. Initially, when the epidemic hit the country it was government that provided all the facilities including testing and isolating. However, when the number of the cases increased it naturally demanded for the cooperation of private hospitals but the complaints of overcharging have been seen in many states. Earlier, the central govt has capped the price of tests for COVID- 19 in private labs now the time has come when govt need to intervene and to put a cap on hospital charges so that the lower income group can afford to access the private hospitals.

State have done well to step in to regulate charge for COVID- 19 care in private hospital. Initially when the corona virus cases are seen less in the country the government hospital were taken the charge for testing of samples. But the raising cases government has decided to grant permission for private hospital testing. And when the govt get to know that private hospital is charging high for testing samples. Central govt has passed 4,500 rupees in private hospital and in public it is of free of cost. In spite of guidelines given by government and . Most of the private hospitals are charging imprudent without thinking about poor people.

In such condition, Central should take this as serious issue as poor and middle-class people will affect badly if the situation continues or Testing should be done without fees can be charged for quarantine or isolation which should be reasonable.

Official Writer - Sweta Kumari


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