The best COVID-19 leadership in the World.

Ghana has led the World in pandemic leadership. While other country leaders were busy telling their citizens to drink bleach, this West African nation offered intelligent and sober leadership to its people. Well, it’s not too late for us to listen now though.

I know ‘Whites’ are supposed to save the world form any peril, at least according to ancient beliefs, but people forget that we are sleeping on the Black Star of Africa. This is their story. A story of leadership, in a world that desperately in need for.


Yeah, Africa. The Lancet wrote, ‘according to WHO, Africa is the least affected region globally, with 1.5% of the world’s reported COVID-19 cases and 0.1% of the world’s deaths.’

I’m sure you all must be thinking this is nothing but a fluke, but let me assure you this is no fluke or dumb luck. It’s true, the continent does have some advantages like youth, being under a de-facto travel ban, but those advantages only buy you time. COVID-19 is so novel and infectious that it will spread everywhere eventually if left unchecked. The main advantage African took was of great time management and used their time wisely.

In February 2020, while many other countries were still dismissing the emerging outbreak, the African Union acted swiftly, endorsing a joint continental strategy in conjunction with WHO. (The Lancet, May 30)

People can make claims of lack of testing or data to explain away other nations, but not Ghana. Even among African Union, Ghana stands out. Surprisingly enough, at the start of the outbreak, Ghana tested a higher rate than even South Korea. But, the leaders of Ghana deployed innovative solutions like drones to reach even the last mile. Their leader spoke words which made sense and saved lives.

We have our brains and the ability to cooperate. That’s all we really have against COVID-19. We have no cure.

Ghanaians operate in English, so you all can watch all the speeches yourself, which I highly recommend. Just look at a leader who just does his job. It’s amazing.

How To Face A Pandemic?


On March 11th, the WHO declared a pandemic. The same day, President Nano Akufo-Addo told everyone that it was a pandemic. Yes, believe me, on the very first day and even acted accordingly.

During any pandemic or crisis, a leader has just one job. They just need to marshal public support for public health. That’s all. Public health tool is all we have, but they don’t work without public support. Contact tracers can’t trace, quarantine centres can’t quarantine, social distancing doesn’t happen. Without leadership, this all falls apart.

Akufo-Addo did this job very well.

It is imperative that we step up our preparedness to ensure that, beyond these initial satisfactory measures, we adopt a whole of Ghana approach in adequately preparing for a possible hit within our borders.
This fight cannot be that of government alone. It is for all of us.

To be honest, its very disorienting for me to see a politician saying the obvious truth. Although every western media always says Africa as a placing where help is needed, but it’s obviously not true. Instead, we need Africa’s help.

Ghana reacted very early. They reacted when there were just a few suspected cases in neighbouring Burkina Faso, Togo, and Cote D’Ivoire. At that time, Italy was already greatly hit, so Ghana prepared its airports to screen everyone. Everyone could have done this.

Ghana prepared its research institutions for testing and test the first 60 suspected cases at that point (all negative). They did it, why couldn’t any other country.

Their Minister of Finance released $100 million USD to expand infrastructure, purchase PPE and educate the public. Ghana is not a rich country. They did it, why couldn’t any other country.

The most important step Ghana government took was to communicate all of this to the public from the very beginning rather than keeping the common citizens at the blind. Akufo-Addo just took the standard scientific information and communicated it well. That’s literally all you must do, listen to scientists, get them what they need, and tell the people WTF is going on.

The Ministry Of Information is leading a nationwide public education campaign on preventive measures that we must all observe to ensure that we’re able to control the spread of infections should we record any infection in the country which, mercifully, so far, we have not. But which, by the law of average, we shall.

People have praised Angela Merkel for speaking clearly to people, but she was objectively awful. Angela Merkel spoke too late, many lives were lost, 8000 to be precise.!. Does anybody know the death count of Ghana, out of 30 million?

36, that’s it. Period.

That’s leadership.

When every other leader was bragging in front of media, at that time this is hat Ghana leader said:

As the Ministry of Health has advised, we have to revisit our custom of shaking hands and stop doing so completely. This fight, fellow Ghanaians cannot be that of government alone. It is for all of us.

As we say, there is no public health without public. The public has every right to know and informed, and it also gives them a common goal to work together on. Ghana did it exceedingly well.

I will not go into many details, but the exceptional leadership and the trust Akufo-Addo gained of the public became the real and most reliable weapon against this COVID-19 pandemic. Until they can find a cure or at least generate any vaccines.

Ghana’s leadership showed us the right path, pointed us in the right direction. But a navigator can only do that much. It’s up to the driver to follow the leads of the navigator or dismiss them.

We give African countries as an example of poverty, but Ghana has certainly changed that mindset of mine. I hope after reading this article it changes yours as well. You will start seeing Ghana in a new light.

Official Writer - Abhishek Jha

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