DIL BECHARA- An emotional journey of an extraordinary love story

The movie 'Dil Bechara’ is a Hindi film from John Green’s popular novel, 'The Fault in Our Stars'. With the only message to live the life fullest before we lose it because life comes up with uncertainty.

The storyline is so unusual yet unique. The story of two people suffering from cancer. Originated from Jamshedpur and explores Paris. The story starts with the Basu Family. A girl with the unique name Kizie Basu (Sanjana Sanghi) suffering from thyroid cancer who always keeps a gas cylinder named Pushpender with her because cancer now affected her lungs. Unlike every normal girl, Kizie also wants to relish her life to the fullest but Pushpender always reminds her that they are not the same. Her daily routine pertains to a couple of visits to the hospital and ends up visiting strangers’ funerals to share their and her grief out of the strange connection. She met Immanuel Rajkumar Junior aka Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput) in college for the first time and later with a cancer support group. Manny has its own story to tell. He has survived osteosarcoma and his cancer is currently in remission.

With the same suffering, yes cancer, the story introduces with another sufferer Jagdish Pandey (Sahil Vaid), whose only dream is to direct Bhojpuri film before losing his eyesight to cancer. Though from being friends to sharing a love bond. Manny realized kizie, if you won’t live long you can enjoy the rest, kyunki mout ka kya hai kal ki aani aaj aa jaayegi, par jo moment mein ho usse khul kar jii lo. Coming back to the story. Meanwhile, Kizie has the only dream before dying is to meet her favourite artist Abhimanyu Vaid (Saif Ali Khan). Manny made this possible, despite many health complications, he took Kizie to Paris. The Paris sequence gives idiosyncratic sense to the story and a move towards philosophical ideation. Where Abhimanyu's dialogue will break all of us somewhere, 'Jab koi mar jaata hai to uske sath jine ki ummid bhi mar jati hai, par mout nhi aati…'. On the other hand, the movie had many tough moments, one of those where Manny hosted his funeral will wet your eyes.

From the very start to the last. Nowhere movies make you feel boring. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum type situation. Kabhi hasayegi, Kabhi rulayegi to Kabhi bohot important message de jayegi with the spark of a sweet innocent love story.

Let's talk about acting the super talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput has perfectly fitted to the role of Manny and brilliantly performed it. The role of Kizie Basu by Sanjana Sanghi in her debut film Graced every emotion with her skills, fits best to the role. In the supported roles of kizie's parents, Swastika Mukherjee and Saswata Chatterjee were superb and Sahil Vaid as JP killed with his touches of humor dialogues. Saif Ali Khan in a cameo role of Abhimanyu Vaid was noteworthy.

The soundtracks were composed by legendary A.R Rahman and eternally A.R Rahman comes up with so distinct compositions. He killed it this time as well. If we say from composition to lyrics to singers to the melody. Ufff.... all the songs are so soothing and filled with serenity. Kya nahi hai is album mein every song touches the heart so differently. The vocals by Arijit Singh, Shashaa Tirupati, Hriday Gattani, Jonita Gandhi, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan, Sana Moussa, Raja Kumari, Pourvi Koutish, Aditya Narayan and Sunidhi Chauhan. This bunch of top-notch singers for sure will grab a place in your playlist. At last, the title track sung by A.R Rahman leaves no words to describe.

The chemistry shared by the lead role is so refreshing especially the sequence shot in Paris. Cinematography by Satyajit Pandey nowhere makes you feel overdramatic. Direction by Mukesh Chhabra made this movie to the level and writers Suprotim Sengupta and Shashank Khaitan made every scene inimitable, the dialogues ensure the narrative flow, taking you to the different zone.

And these lines...

‘Janam kab Lena hai aur Marna kab hai…Yeh hum decide nahi karte...Par Jeena Kaise hai...Woh hum decide kar sakte hai’.

The Best dialogue from the movie manages to sum up the movie’s intention, realizing the worth of life.

Jindagi ke iss Safar mein bohot se aise log hote hain jo hamara sath dete h, par kuch aise hote hai jo hamein jeena sikha dete hai hamari Jeene ki vajah ban jaate hai Aisi hi ideology ke sath movie had also made us realize the real suffering of a cancer patient and their challenges in life.

Cancer sirf ek bimari nahi ek aisa sach hai jo jine ki ummid khatam kar deta hai, Marne se Pehle maar deta hai. Par isi sach ke sath kaise deal karna hai this movie made to give a thought to this.

Jindagi mein gum to hamesha hi rahenge, problems are irreversible but loving life with the fullest un problems mein bhi khushiyan dhund lena. Is the way to live.

Is movie ne hamein sikhaya hum kisi k jaane ke baad uske kamon ko aur usse appreciate karte hain. Agar hum unhi Kamon ko uske jitee ji appreciates karein to usse marne ko vajah hi na mile...

So do appreciate people, it’s not only saying on social media I am always there.. they don't need you always to share their grief but they only want an appreciation a small recognition for their hard work.

Do appreciate it because appreciation for you can be a word a sentence, posting or sharing it on social media. But for them, it's a reason to live.

After watching the movie, we all felt why he did so. He should be alive. He should see how much people love him. We have a lot of questions in our minds. But ask yourself if he is between us right now and the movie released in normal situations. Do you still watch the movie with this much curiosity? Do you feel what he tried to say? Do you react and get the lessons out of the movie this much?

No... it's not

The success of the movie is the only result of curiosity and a double face world. Aaj ye movie OTT platform ki fastest watched movie ban gayi h ...this exhibits our curiosity....it could be said our love or support if he is there to see, fell and thank but it's not... Reality is far the opposite of it. Reality is we all notice things when we don't have them, we value them when we feel its absence…. nahi to presence mein to hum apni maa ko bhi appreciate nahi karte par unke thoda sa idhar udhar hone mein ghabra jaate hain tilmila jaate hain.

How many of you watched his last movie Drive? Did you give this much attention to its promotion that you are giving to Dil Bechara? Leaving to first-day first show. We haven't responded to it. Many of us haven't seen its trailer as well. This is our society, where we are always inquisitive to know things rather than appreciating them without any reason. We need reasons to appreciate things.

If we did so if we appreciated things at the right time. We do not need to add LATE before the name of SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT.

Now decide after all these criticism against nepotism against Bollywood. Is it a Suicide or a Murder?

Blaming others is our old habit.

Accept Accept Accept!!!


Murderers of someone's belief someone's faith and his success. Stop criticizing others ask a question to your instinct.

Do Appreciate things that approach your way without mapping it a predefined framework.

‘Let’s enjoy the journey of life, celebrate your life by lighting happiness into it’ is the only message ‘DIL BECHARA’ gave.

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