India is country with full of young hands yet hands are not able to make better India. On going education system is doing so well as only 9%of total student get chance to take higher education whereout not everyone is getting job. Origin and the basic cause is same- "our education system". In an interview with Sundar Pichhai on Indian schooling, he believes that Indian schooling system needs more creativity not just academics activity. He said " in USA schools are teaching students how to work by giving them actuall work unlike India where students are learning work by just reading books and getting marks". These views of global leaders for India is indicating that somewhere our education system is more focused on academic results not on creativity of healthy minds. In talking with Vidhi Jain (founder of shikshantar), we got to know that shikshantar come up with very unique idea to develop skills in students, they teach students subjects related to student's interest, according to Vidhi Jain colleges are make only urban paracite. When we ask about difference between normal school and shikshantar to Vidhi she replied " in schools students do a mistake, then teachers punish them and those students get labeled with tag of bad students, here in shikshantar we don't do that, we encourage students in whatever activity they are good".

India scored low 'Academic Freedom Index' in new international report, this report help to determine the level of academic freedom in a country. India has scored AFI of 0.352 and this score even less than Pakistan with score of 0.554 , Brazil has scored AFI of 0.466, Ukraine has Scored AFI of 0.422 and Somalia has scored AFI of 0.436. This stats is able to show performance of Indian education system.

Politics is also playing a big role in our education system, Kartin Kinzelbach(professor of political science at FAU and the one who convinced AFI) told us that Indian scholars have complained of state interference. It means youth wing of political parties are playing with this system.

All this studies and reports shows that education is much more than academics and academic results but currently system is not working on it and producing education factory products every year.

Official Writer - Kartik Sharma

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