Great Cry Little Wood Through Bollywood

Every Friday whole India awaits impatiently for a super hit Bollywood movie and almost every Friday Bollywood manages to release a movie even in this nationwide lockdown Bollywood managed to entertain people on OTT platforms, but the truth is bigger than every eye as there are many movies which try to help society yet society is not changing at all. There is a list of 10 movies which tried to give society a massage but they just end with huge profit for their self.


Amir Khan always come up with a unique topic which attracts the public most but Dangal is an exception in this society, in whole story Amir Khan’s character and dialogues like “gold to gold hota hai, chhora lawe ya chhori” was showing that girls are equal to boys in terms of sports. People wanted equal fame of sportswomen in India but the reality is many people don’t even know that who is Mithali Raj, even after three years of Dangal release in 2019 not a single girl born in 132 villages of Uttarakhand, this is the actual behavior of society towards girls’ child.

2. Manjhi: The Mountain Man

Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The movie starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui showed that how a single man from Bihar (Dashrath Manjhi) can rupture a mountain, this movie tried to tell us that even a single can make better infrastructure but reality stands at a different level as per the reports of Niti Aayog’s SDG India index 2019 Bihar is the worst performer in infrastructure development but people are happy with just movie on true events.

3. Pad Man

Starring Akshay Kumar

Some actors always come up with great message and content, Akshay Kumar is one of them. Pad man was a very good movie showing that how most of the remote area girls can’t afford sanitary pads but the tickets to watch the movie with starting price of Rs200 which is not so easy for remote areas people, while pad man was tax-free in Rajasthan yet ticket price was so high.

4. Gully Boy

Starring Ranveer Singh

Gully boy is roughly made on Divine and Naezy real story that’s why it won more than 10 awards, but this name is arising question as the movie earned Rs72.58 crore, this huge amount is not common for any gully boy even many gully talented boys are not getting the fame that they deserve.

5. Super 30:

Super 30 scene showing Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar

Hrithik Roshan tried so hard to show this society that only educating the poor people can help them. Anand Kumar is the man behind this real education program, who is doing this but the movie just generated Rs208 crore and gone away with its super success but Anand Kumar was fined of 50,000 INR in the same year of Super 30 release year. Education was the soul message of this movie, but the factual irony is that Bihar is ranking with the least literacy rate with 61.82%.

6. Mardaani:

Rani Mukherji well played the role of a female IPS officer in Mardaani, both movies Mardaani and Mardaani2 were showing the women empowerment in Indian society but the name of this movie is somewhere saying that if women can fight or doing whatever man can do then she should be called “Mardaani. Defiantly NO, women have their own recognition and they don’t need any name which is nothing more than just a feminine version of any male name.

7. Neerja:

Sonal Kapoor starring as Neerja

Neerja was the air hostess who saved many Americans in the Karachi plane highjack case, she was Indian and lost her life in that case but she proved herself and make India proud, but in return, India only gave her just a movie on her name and nothing more whereas American airlines gave her special recognition for her bravery.

8. Pink:

The movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu movie Pink had a simple message that “NO means No” and in movie Amitabh Bachchan tried to bring justice for Taapsee and he got success in it but bitter truth of India is that a Fast Track Court took 7 years to solve the Nirbhaya Case.

9. Bala:

Bhumi Pednekar starring as dark color girl

Recently the government of India had passed a law to restrict the use of words that look a little discriminating kind of word e.g. Fair, but Bollywood using different tricks as in movie Bala, Latika Trivedi were dark-skinned while in real life Bhumi Pednekar’s skin is fair. This shows that how much Bollywood support dark people.

10. Secret Superstar:

Starring Amir Khan as Shakti Kumar

This whole movie was showing that girls can do anything and get famous by their flair & girls should be following their fashion. In Secret Superstar, the girl followed her passion and never left her guitar but Bollywood is showing only one side of the coin, the harsh reality is quite different, a Panchayat in an Aligarh Village ban the use of mobile for girls and no one cares because every Insia Malik does not have Shakti Kumar.

Official Writer: Kartic Parashar

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