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Another year is going to end and there are some topics which need to be discussed. This topic may seem to be the usual one which has been discussed many times in the past but it does not reflect a satisfactory conclusion yet. It is about the rights of women, assuring their access to the opportunities and resources so that they could excel. It will help to build an environment which will serve both men and women with equal respect and opportunities. If we talk about the steps taken at the national level for assuring the equality of access to resources and opportunities, we could find various policies taken by the government. But a single report can put a question mark in all these “yojanas” of government.

The WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM’S GLOBAL GENDER GAP INDEX 2020, released last week raises several questions that the government is doing justice to the women of this country or not.

In this report countries progress towards gender parity is assessed in four dimensions:

(A) Economic participation and opportunities.

(B) Political empowerment.

(C) Health and survival.

(D) Educational attainment.

As per this 2020 report, India has dropped to 112th rank which is 108th in 2018. Individually India ranked 149th in Economic participation and opportunities, 18th rank in political empowerment, 150th rank in health and survival and 112th in educational attainment. Some countries ranked lower than India have shown better improvement.

This type of report shows the real picture of the situation which is unless may be ignored in current socio-political situations. The commitments made by the government especially in this regard is not sowing many results. The Gender Gap Index presents India with an opportunity to amend its policies with respect to provide access to opportunities and resources to the female part of this patriarchy society. It definitely shows that the success of a plan made in this respect can be achieved when it is implemented at the ground level. Until and unless it will enact in roots it cannot support the trunk and branches.

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