How COVID-19 outbreak encompassed User engagement and Social Media Marketing.

There is no denying the fact that COVID-19 has twirled our lives upside down and had a tremendous impact on our behaviour and routine. In which the only key we have is to lock ourselves inside for our protection and safety. All a quite sudden change for everything due to COVID-19 outbreak has also altered social media marketing drastically. COVID-19 changed the landscape of social media marketing in a unique manifestation where it drives an increase in users engagement with digital content and digital performance. Though with large businesses, several small and medium businesses also feeling the impact and realizing for the transformation and introduction in the digital world. This social media marketing created user involvement on a huge number. As per research, there is about a 10% spike in daily active users on their platforms in the last two months.

Besides everything, it’s a unique time in our history where the economic environment is in the enormous uncertainty, on the other hand, there is a massive increase in user’s engagement with digital content. In all this, the digital content is basically marketing strategies of various big small business models who desire to stimulate the use of the situation for brand popularity and its marketing. So, with this increase in digital engagement, brands also increasing the use of organic content and reducing their ad spend. Additionally, the lowering ads costs provide an ample opportunity for brands to have a budget to share their message with a wider audience. This is the time when brands are future-proofing their business by grasping digital transformation.

Due to this outbreak, the aspect has clearly shown the customer is the king, the market adapts itself and works according to the demand of the customer. And if this time is revealing anything to us is customer engagement on the digital channels. Engaged with more time at home users were looking for the digital world where they keep themselves connected, updated and entertained. User engagement has seen a rise in each platform. Twitter saw a rise of 30 per cent daily users, Facebook 64.8 per cent, Share chat 13.8 per cent, Instagram 44.5 per cent, Snapchat 24.9 per cent, LinkedIn 4.2 per cent, Helo 41.7 per cent. This increase provides a great opportunity for wise marketers who were looking for customers attention and want to invest in understanding their customers. This will ensure marketers to generate content which is customer friendly and will resonate with them at each step of the purchasing process. Now, when customers acquiring a keen interest in searching for their brands so cutting back by any marketer from social media investment could be a huge mistake for future prospects.

Social media shaping itself in a very serious way, especially trying to alert people in this epidemic, giving them constant guidance, aware and educate people and providing safety tips. From a few weeks, we are observing notable changes in each of social media platforms.

Twitter is largely trending towards being an informative platform it’s merely not about the engagement of people but for getting information. It’s playing a significant role in delivering real-time facts from all the renowned personalities especially journalists and scientists. Twitter has noted an open rate with an increase from 8 to 10 times a day and has the highest engagement rate with a daily active user of 30 per cent.

Facebook and Instagram are improving their way in which people perceive them. It is introducing and coming up with more interactive content and taking challenges by arranging webinars, workouts, conferences via live streaming. It is also newsworthy if we say that these platforms adapting to share more news than before. Facebook noted an average time spent from 41 minutes to 66.9 minutes and opened an average of 20.9 times in a day. Instagram had seen 35.4 minutes time spent and an open rate of 19 times a day.

The other social media platforms such as Live me have a spike of 315 per cent with a user engagement of 25 per cent, Tik Tok has seen a rise from 39.5 minutes to 56.9 minutes and opened on an average of 13 times with user engagement of 11 per cent, Bigo has spike 66 per cent, Snapchat has an open rate of 10 times with user engagement 6 per cent.

These social media platforms are changing their way of showcasing their functionality while increasing user’s involvement. Thus, this dramatic shift of usage of Social Media platforms is increasing exponentially by the day because of the COVID-19 outbreak and this digitization of content has leverage the indispensable role of media with an enormous role of users.

Official writer - Atisha Agarwal

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