India & Pakistan: Will the relation ever go well?

The Relationship between India and Pakistan has never been good. The instability and mistrust between the two are always Experienced. Now, in this COVID-19 spread, the ceasefire violation along the border by bombing and relation along the LOC with Pakistan raises deep concern. For India, the challenges are overwhelming, on one hand, the rampant spread of coronavirus and on the other hand, the rising conflict with neighbouring countries bringing grim situations. the uncomfortable death of sepoys and civilian who lived across the border is seen whereas the two Pakistani high commission officials were caught while espionage in Indian Territory.

Indian need to take certain selective measures to tackle with the arising problem such as India must ensure its diplomatic personnel are spread such harassment which is always present. secondly, since the safety of the civilian is important hence, the bombing proof homes should be constructed for them under the supervision of the Government of India. Third, the deployment of military personnel at the border should be done to facilitate safety in the border areas. third, the maintenance of only essential mission staffs in Pakistan should be done till India is able to obtain the trust and stability in the ties in the COVID-19 spared or The financial Action Task Force (FATF) should consider this and put Pakistan in backlist or UN should declare it a terrorist Nation and should put sanction on it.

2 Soldiers were airlifted to the hospital. The death of the civilians is common because they are living in the border areas. Many diplomats who go to Pakistan for a negotiation often go missing. These incidents might look simple but are a cause of great concern.

As we know that both countries relation will never well if the same circumstances will be happening on the line of actual control. India has lost its condolence during the ceasefire, but no more it is the right time to be prudent against Pakistan and espionage. Challenges across the borders with the neighbouring countries is now challenging, hopefully, India must cope with it along with pandemic crisis.

Official Writer - Sweta Kumari

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