Institutional crisis

India, the largest democratic country is facing one of the biggest problems in the form of the biggest inefficiency or institutional crisis. It can also be considered as the root of every major problem. unlike Monarchy setup, in democratic setup peoples are governed by institutions and not by individuals. Institutions play a very crucial role in the functioning of democratic structure. Institutions create a link between people and their representative which keep the basic structure of democracy alive.

The institutional crisis is not the problem that arises in the present time, in the present government’s term. The period of emergency 1975-77 marked as the starting point from was the institution are facing problems. The ruling class stretches its hand which ultimately acts as a hurdle in the functioning of institutions.

In the current time, the central government of India is accused by many scholars for interfering with the functioning of the institution going the single largest party with full majority and absence of opposition makes it easier for them to interfere in the different institutions of government. Institutions like CBI, police force are heavily affected by this interference.

The press or media which is known as the fourth pillar of democracy is also affected the dominant behavior of the government. Due to this interference even in institutions like judiciary and bureaucracy the main problem this whole system is facing is in the implementation of policies.

The policies in the initial level were framed with the vision of 100% outcome by in the process of execution and implementation. It loses its credibility and goal with which it was designed because of inefficient institutions. This problem is not only confined to the crime but it can be also seen in state-level also.

This problem ultimately leads to the destruction of principles of democracy were the voice of poor and marginalized people will be suppressed and the elite class will act with absolute independence.

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