This year 2020 is proving itself again and again as one of the worst years in Indian history. ‘The outbreak of novel coronavirus, Vizag gas tragedy, CRPF personnel killed in a militant attack, Cyclone Amphan are the proofs of the above statement. Now another bad news joined in this list. The conflict between India and It’s “Roti Beti” partner – “Nepal”, regarding the border issue. ‘Nepal’s decision follows protests in Kathmandu on Saturday after Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday inaugurated a link road to Lipulekh pass that will reduce the travel time for pilgrims to Kailash Mansarovar region’- The Hindu. In other words, Nepal Prime minister K.P Oli raised objection on the issue of the motorable road to Kala Pani area, which is used by Indian pilgrims to reach Kailash Mansarovar. Lipulekh area is a part of India but Nepal is now denying it by following older Map which is baseless. India and Nepal must not let their Differences grown into a full-blown diplomatic crisis. Nepal is about to commence a fight with India. After China and Pakistan, Nepal also started walking on the same path of snapping the land of India, the area of black sea which is official of India’ Nepal is claiming that it's their land but according to 1816 –“ Sugauli Treaty “As per the Sugauli Treaty of 1816, the territory to the east of the Mahakali river belongs to Nepal and both sides had agreed way back in 1988 to follow the principle of ‘fixed border’ in determining the border of Nepal,” Mr Gyawali said. The principle of ‘fixed border’, the Minister said, was agreed to deal with the areas where the border is determined by the course of rivers. He added, “By the principle of the fixed border we will determine the border based on the course of the rivers in the 19th-century maps and not on the basis of contemporary human settlements.

But after all this Nepal is saying is stated ridicule India and this is not acceptable by any of the Indian. One thing here I want to highlight that one insufferable statement given by Mr Oli, prime minister of Nepal that “India virus looks more lethal than one from china”. As far as the thing were about the land India could have easily solved the crisis as both the countries have “Roti–Beti” relations but now it's not just the land but Nepal embarked to listen to China against India But India is still capable to solve the conflict on its own level now it may be solved by talking or it may on the field.

And this is the turn for Nepal to think of harmony as India is not at all in the mood to start a fight but if this happens it will not good for Nepal and us (India) too. It's really sad to see such conflicts between our Roti Beti Partner on this useless issue. India deep down somewhere knows this issue came into light because of Provocation of China only. India will surely take perfect action to solve this border issue because there is brotherhood relation between India and Nepal which we (India) can’t lose at any cost.

One insufferable statement was given by Mr Oli, prime minister of Nepal that “India virus looks more lethal than one from china”

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(official Writer) - Sweta Kumari

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