It's a Protest or Stubbornness.

The feeders are getting stuck with the bills that are not being understood by them or it’s a Government who doesn’t want them to get out of the situation they are dealing with after doing so much of hard work in heir field. What is this fight all about?

Are the farmers not satisfied with the bills made by the Government to support their rights, or it’s a political game played by the different parties.

The bill was made years back, but the government didn’t take any action to publish them, and the new ruling party did, as they knew that the bills were for the good change to protect the farmers from the losses they faced after doing so much of hard work.

Two private member Bills presented in Parliament in 2018 could hold the key to loosening the deadlock between the government and protesting farmers in North India. The Bills could not be enacted despite huge pressure from the farmers, who even met the President in May 2018 for seeking his pro-active intervention in the enactment of these legislations. The Bills are now in focus again during the ‘Dilli Chalo’ protest of the farmers.

Both bills are favour of farmers as they have a place to sell their output to other private and Government agencies, even after the Mandis are not purchasing them. MSP is the way to not put farmers in any kind of loss, as at the point the farmers should get at least that minimum price for the output they produced.

Now the main concepts come by the mediators who use to make a good margin while purchasing crops from farmers and selling them back in the market, and now the new bills ruined their strategy, and the opposition party have no other way to make their fame again in country’s public.

The whole world is facing a fight with the most dangerous pandemic COVID_19. Even after knowing this the farmers are protesting and disowning the rules that had to be followed, Why the opposition party is not asking the protestor to fight this pandemic first. The whole country is fighting with COVID_19, at this point where people should work on making their past routine on track.

The bills should be discussed again in presence of all related authorities and should conclude the rights of farmers and publish them.

All the partis should participate in it as the protestors are the feeders of the country.

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