It is not the first time that JNU is making headlines for the wrong reason. They brag about ideologies, level of intellect and of course patriotism.

Although, you might not have heard any of these leftist educational hubs to have been a part of movements such as Lokpal bill or Corruption Free India but they are first in the line when it comes to sedition weather it's the scuffle with our army man in the year 2000 or the operation green hunt where these slow-witted revolutionaries were celebrating the ambush on our 60 brave CRPF personals at Dantewara, Chhattisgarh in 2010.

Talking on religious context these imbecile students celebrated Mahishasur and abused Lord Ram and goddess Durga. Do they have had an idea of doing such mischief Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Islamia?

Institutions like IIT discovering instruments for underprivileged which would test blood at a low cost whereas these so-called nationalists are implantation of false beliefs. It seems sedition is their only religion.

Instead of being a helping hand to uplift the economic condition of their own institution they are vexed as to the hike in fees which is a mere amount which remained unreserved since the time of Indira Gandhi.

*Currently Indian government of India spend Rs.6 lakh/year on JNU students

- if we compare it with the other Government Institution it varies in large like in Delhi University the tuition fees range from Rs. 6000/- to 40,000 in Jamia its 7000/- to 10,000/- In AMU its ranges between 4000/- to 9000/- whereas JNU continues to remain to most subsidesed university in the country with little to show for in the terms of Output.

So JNU and left-winger wannabe are creating false propaganda to find another kanahiya out of them. We urge students and citizens to not to fall in the trap and educate

themselves before supporting or opposing anything which relates to the nation and its dignity.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

- Pramod Dhabhai

#JNU #PROTEST #CRPFpersonalsatDantinara,Chhattisgarhin2010 #OPERATIONGREENHUNT #AMU #KANAHIYA

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