Kalash ( A Churn)

Kalash has special significance in Hindu customs. Kalash has special significance in any Mangalik work. In the Kalash establishment, the Kalash is filled with water. On top of which coconut is placed. Mango leaves are placed all around. In this way, it is the former house. Kalash represents all material things. It seems to be fertility and it follows life without any discrimination. Mango leaves symbolize work. Coconut is considered a symbol of prosperity. It is considered a symbol of important things. The water in the pitcher is the juice of nature. Without which life on earth cannot be possible - when a person dies, we break a pot of water. This indicates that the dead body ash is also kept in the pitcher (a pitcher). Later, ashes from the pot are flown into the river stream. Then it is expected that ancestor dead souls return to this world once after a few days.

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