Lockdown Woe: Unboxing the Truth

The world is fighting with COVID-19 Pandemic and many countries are facing their lockdown phase but not like us, daily labours are not in double whammy in many countries, political leaders are not only concern about vote bank, doctors are not facing stone-pelting, shopkeepers of necessary shops are not making a huge profit, basically the societal behaviour is not same like India in every country.

People are in a difficult situation and facing lack of money so taking this into mind France government has suspended rent, gas bill and electricity bill from the starting of its lockdown days.

"Self-reliant India" package is somewhere forgot the middle-class people and their

income but Canada has system also for this, Canada started direct income support system to people who don't have jobs in lockdown duration and for businesses their government is giving money even if they are staying at home. Max hospital Delhi is charging rs75000 for COVID-19 treatment while in New York medical, student and other state debt collections are suspended, many other payments have frozen for 30 days and no power supply cut off even if people are not able to pay the bill.

Doctors were on strike in UP and Delhi for some time even in this pandemic situation but Korean government is doing very well to handle the situation like this as the government is paying for treatment of undocumented immigrants with COVID-19 and Korea is giving "anti-disaster basic income" to all citizen.

Lockdown is not laid bare only government but it lay bare individuals and our society as well when here people are dying of hunger in Houston people leaving heavy amount tips in restaurant and hotels which helps their workers and low-status people.

A great humanity work has done by a Korean man who saw that their farmers were in difficult as no sale of potatoes, he just clicked the photos of their potatoes and post them to sell online, in just 30 seconds 8000 boxes were sold. That was the loyalty of Korean people towards their farmers.

Even some companies are doing for their country but our companies are only making a profit. In America Google, Comcast, Charter, T-Mobile, Verizon has signed a pledge to keep America "internet-connected" for 60 days lockdown, Evan if people cannot afford to pay.

In Italy, many online providers are offering free services to those who are in quarantine like free Amazon prime, eBooks, newspaper subscriptions, Pornhub premium and more.

Iran's minister of communication gives 100gb internet to each citizen to encouraging social distancing.

Even their educational institution is thinking for actual development that's why Cambridge has makes over 700 higher education textbooks free to access online globally in HTML format for the end of the month may while in talking with Sandeep Makhija, a Gurgaon resident, he said "There is no clarity. Schools are still charging miscellaneous fees like meal charges and transport charges. Nobody knows what has been waived and what is still there. When we reach out to schools, they say it's the only relaxation in the time and not the amount". This shows that many schools are just running educational factories and making their profit.

In Rajasthan Congress legislator Rajendra Singh Bidhuri from Begun constituency in Rajasthan's Chittorgarh district has gone viral on social media, in which he is asking a woman to choose between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot before handing out a ration kit.
Rajendra Singh Bidhuri is asking a woman over a microphone, "Who is good, Modi or Ashok Gehlot?"

When the woman from the crowd said Modi, the MLA said, "Woh Diya waala Modi (The one asked to light up diyas)... bata Kaun achha, Aap ko Keh Raha hu .....kya keh rahe ho Modi, toh phir diya jalao ration chod jao (Tell me who is good. I am asking you. Are you saying Modi? Now light diya and leave the ration here," while pointing his finger at the woman in the crowd. While in America which is the top most hit by Corona virus, president Trump administration is providing direct 1000$ income support to residents and 800$ grocery vouchers to family in need.

Treatments of lockdown difficulties in these countries are showing how countries and firms across the globe are attempting to make social distancing easier.

Official Writer - Kartik Sharma

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