Need Proper Safety: One more Crash

There are many development things which are pending due to some other reason. We are exactly on the way where we have to achieve our 17 sustainable goals by 2030 and in these goals, most relate to development infrastructure. Already there is a huge problem in fronts of us like pandemic economic crises, floods, disasters, and many more things.

A tragic incident is seen in Kozhikode Kerala of an airplane crash in which 18 people including two crew members lost their lives and many were left severely injured. It was an Air India express “Vande Bharat” which was flying from Dubai and about to land in Kerala.

There are multiple reasons which are being forecasted they may be:-

1. The top table airport with unsafety regulation

2. The problem of visibility due to heavy rainfall

3. The absence of a system that could stop an overshooting plane from falling off the edge.

If rainy conditions existed during the landing, as Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said, these may persist during the rest of the monsoon. Each flight must, therefore, be considered for a potential diversion to a safe airport nearby in bad weather – The Hindu

It is not the last case related to a plane crash due to a lack of safety. The instance of an Air India express plane suffering a tail strike in the same airport last year and following it, a2010 crash in Mangalore was also held. These are enough incident which forces the government as well as the civil aviation Minister to take the problem seriously but due to an avoidable nature and lack of security and regulatory measures such indicates are bound to be seen.

There is an urgent need to weed out all the flowers that are related to it. It is a hope that once the family is waiting for their family member which should not be neglected.

First, there is a need for a well-developed infrastructure of the top table airport special safety measures that need to be overlooked because these are, they differ from the normal airports. Second, Proper connectivity with the crew member even in bad weather it should be delivered to other safer for point of a normal airport. Third, the civil aviation ministry should make full disclosure on the technical evidence gathered, the integrity of which will be scrutinized by the safety organization worldwide. Forth, the enactment of the policy with respect to the better infrastructure development of the airport must be done.

Few Times ago Captain Gaurav Taneja has also pointed out the loopholes of airlines that can’t be neglected. Here is the link of the video -

These indicate rigorously puts a question mark on the safety regulation as well as on India's reputation at a global level hence it must be taken into consideration the government and civil aviation ministry must take rigorous focus Hopefully.

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