Formation of world: Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh.

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The first Vishnu incarnation was organized, that is, naturally, a lotus was born from the navel of Vishnu, Brahma was born from that lotus flower, in the form of saints with stoup in his hand and Lord Shiva emerged from the stoup which was in the hand of Brahma Ji. The treedev i.e. Vishnu Ji Brahma Ji and Shiv Ji planned the expansion of the universe, with the help of yoga power Brahma Ji created a woman who was named Shatarupa. Shatarupa means more beautiful than hundreds of forms. He salutes Shatarupa but Shatarupa says that you have made me, I am your daughter if Father greets her daughter is not considered good, but Brahma Ji did not believe in it. Shatarupa wandered in all four directions to save herself. At last, she went toward sky then Bramha Ji created his 5th head which was facing toward the sky and started abusing shatarupa. Hearing the sound from the universe, Shiva Ji got attention towards this, Shiva approached Brahma Ji that this is your daughter. It is not right to insult it like this but Brahma Ji did not pay attention to Shiva. Lord Shiva cut the 5th head of Lord Brahma who was following Shatarupa towards the sky above with the claws of his hand in the form of Bhairav. But Brahma Ji still did not calm down, Shatarupa, having taken the female form of the animal and bird of many creatures. Brahma became male in the same way and in the same way many creatures were formed: This is how the fauna origin. Vishnu took care of his upbringing. Shiva destroys them according to their deeds.

According to Sanatana, the human body is made up of five elements






Every human life consist of five vital life force:

1.Prana (Reception) - Eyes, Ears.

2.Udana (Mind) - Senses, All communication.

3.Vyana (Circulation) - Heart.

4. Samana (Digestion) - Stomach.

5. Apana (Excretion) - Excretory Organ.

The same way there are Pancha Bhoota Stalam refers to five temples of Lord Shiva.

Three qualities - सत्व, रज, तम

Purity and Knowledge.

Deed and Desire.

Ignorance and Inactive.

Three faults (Tridosh).




Therefore, the Hindu religion worships the five gods.

1. Shri Ganesh

2. Goddess Adhe Shakti

3. Braham

4. Vishnu

5. Mahesh (Shiv Ji )

The worship of Brahma is the lowest among these five, the temples of Brahma Ji are also very limited. There are many reasons for this. Just like having sexual intercourse with his own daughter, ethics are not followed by Bramha Ji.

Vishnu is worshiped the most, Vishnu has incarnated in many forms in many periods.

There were 10 forms of Vishnu.

1. Matsayavtar

2. Kurmavtar

3. Varaha avatar

4. Narshinghavatar

5. Vamanavtar

6. Parshuramavtar

7. Ramavatar

8. Krisnavtar

9. Bhudhavtar

10.Kalika tar (which remains to happen)

Those who follow the path of Shiva, according to them only Shiva is the original state of the world. Shiva is the first hero of the universe. By the way, Shiva is worshiped in the form of a linga named Alak Niranjan. That is, what cannot be seen. lakh means that can be seen ..àa means not ..Anjan mean Eyes that are formless.

Brahma Vishnu Shiva is the same. They are not different. In Om, all three gods are contained in the same sutra, Shiv Ji himself has said that my vision spreads in all four directions and he also said that he is in-universe. In the northern direction, he is in the Aa-kar form, in the western direction he is in the uu-kar form, in the south direction he is in the maa-kar form, in the eastern direction he is in windo form and he is present in form of welfare in-universe. And identity has Om everywhere. Shiva said that I am the only person and Shiv has 11 forms, somewhere there were 16 forms are written, somewhere 19 and somewhere 21 forms are encrypted.

There were some major avatar such as













13. Aswayamaavatar


Shakti Devi Maa.

According to this belief, Mahamaya and the cooperative power of Brahma Vishnu Shiva created the whole universe. This same power drives the whole universe. Shiva without Shakti is like dead bodies. It is the power of the three gods that motivates them for every task. In-universe, This power is known as in the form of daughter, wife, and mother. According to Devi Purana 10 Mahavidya is described. This power sees the world in the top 10. Their associates are worshiped as 64 yogis.

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