Problem because of Mediator: CAA argument.

The country is facing huge hustle and bustle due to CAA and in the middle of this one more fight emerges, the fight between the governor and state government. The endless quarrel between the governor and state government in Kerala and West Bengal disconcerting Arif Mohammad Khan and Jagdeep Dhankar, governor of Kerala and West Bengal respectively have arrogant to themselves an activist role, which is at the heart of the tension.

“I am constrained to tell all of you that the position of the constitutional head of the state has been compromised,” Dhankar said while speaking at the state assembly on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution of India. He added that “As per the Indian constitution, the will of the central government prevails in the point of disagreement. The will of the state be it executive or others should not go into an incursion into the others. I am doing my best to preserve and protect the constitution under Article 161. I will continue to uphold the constitution, no matter what obstacle comes to my way.’’ Dhankar further spoke about the voiding of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. This move will restore peace in the state. This is a new era and we must thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi .it is a matter of great pride for us. After this Mamata responded she never fought with a governor, why Dhankar creaking creating such a situation she further added even the Prime Minister, Modi has not behaved in this way to her.

As governor of Kerala and West Bengal wants to impose CAA on their state but the head of the state don’t want to foist this because of this heated argument between the governor and head of the state takes place. Due to this at the bigger level, it destroys the relationships between center and state ruled by parties opposed to the BJP. The Governor’s constitutional role has been debated and interpreted through several cases but inventive occupants of the office have managed to push the boundaries unprecedented moves That mean they are doing such things which are never done before. Many people used the governor’s office to protect national integration. And many acted as the agent of the ruling party at the center.

In conclusion, I can only say that the way the governor of the sate is doing is not right and it is not acceptable. As we know the party who is ruling in any state, chosen by the public of that state and whatever the head of the state is doing is the matter between public and head of the state. Another thing is that one should respect the head of the state and also the relationship between the state and center but in this case, it is not seen. In the future, more mismanagement can be seen because of the current situation of Kerala and West Bengal. The current situation also shows that there is no unity between them. But the center must treat state government with more respect, no matter from which party they belong to either from ruling or opposition but the matter is they are democratically elected parties and they deserve respect.


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