Rising anger in Tamil Nadu: Father-son have died in police Custody

Brutal killing and massive pain were given to a duo of father and son in Tamil Nadu. On June 19, Jayaraj (59) and his son Emmanuel Benicks (31) were arrested for keeping their shop open after lockdown time was given. The two died on June 22, Benicks died complaining of chest pain at night and Jayaraj the next morning as he was suffering from fever.

As reported by eyewitnesses, there were some brutal things performed with two of them. Speaking to The Federal, friends, and lawyers of the duo who had witnessed the incident recounted the horrific sequence of events. It was recorded that on June 20 that between 7 am to 12 pm both of them had changed at least 7 lungies, all of them were wet and soaked into the blood.

On June 20th a friend of Benicks went to the police station, the friend was unaware of the sexual torture until he met them. Both of them came out of the station in torn clothes covered with blood. They were supplied with another pair of dhotis and to reduce the pain they spread cotton on the seat.

Before they reached the hospital their dhotis were soaked in blood again. They went on under the changing process of dhotis again. “However, upon checking the father-son duo, the doctor at the hospital refused to give a fitness certificate as their blood pressure was very high,” says Manimaran, an advocate who accompanied the duo during the medical check-up.

Friend and advocate Manimaran said that he pleaded with the police officer to let them take medicine to reduce blood pressure. The request was denied. Inspector Srithar is alleged as even after a number of checkups were done, he made the doctor give away fitness certificates to them when they were not well at all.

After the certification was done, the police took them to Judicial Magistrate P Saravanan’s house. Even though he tried to speak the truth, words were kept into Benicks mouth as he while judicial custody four policemen surrounded him, and was continually threatening the duo that they will destroy their lives if they blurt out the truth.

Then the duo was taken to Kovilpatti sub-jail which was 100 km away from the police station they were kept before in friends’ car. It was noted down that on the way to sub-jail Benicks was repeatedly saying that he was beaten for no reason and there was more internal pain then external one, he also asked his friend to take care of his mother.

According to the reports their knees were completely crushed as they were smashed by wooden sticks again and again. Their faces were pushed against the wall until they started bleeding, all this was done while they were stripped. They were chained up and huge sticks and pointed edges were inserted into their butt holes several times. Also, their genital areas were hurt as the eye witness stated. Their chest hairs were ripped out. A number of times their clothes were sent home soaked into the blood and new pairs were asked for.

The whole incident began on 18th June when Jayajai was asked to shut down his shop and he commented on police demand. On 19th June he was taken to Sathankulam police station. Then after Benicks rushed to the station with his friends, the policemen started assenting him too. Benicks friend and eye witness Ravi said that as Benicks questioned about the brutality he was held from his collar and pushed him against the wall. At least five policemen including the sub-inspector and constables beat him black and blue in front of him.

After the two friends started arguing about their behaviour they were thrown out of the gates and they closed the gate from 7 pm to 10 pm. There were screaming of the two of them around 11 pm. They manage to sneak inside the police station, they manage to see Benicks who was lying naked on the floor in blood.

The two were pushed out of the station again and they were able to see the duo in the morning at 6:30 pm when they were asked to take them to the hospital.

The state government has announced a compensation of Rs 20 lakh for the victim's family. There were many similar cases where fractures and other pains were recorded into the government hospital and the reason was slippery toilets.

The family didn’t accept the bodies and they filed a complaint against all those who were involved. Their elder sister urges the Chief Minister to double the murder case. According to unconfirmed reports after the duo died and the case was recorded the district police suspended sub-inspectors Balakrishnan and Raghu Ganesh and police constables Murugan and Muthuraj against whom strong allegations have been raised. Rest all policemen are transferred to other stations. The case is still going on and Sathankulam police inspector Srithar has been kept on a compulsory wait.

Official Writer - Honey Arora

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