Right now, when the world is surrounded by great natural perils and the mortality rate of human lives are so much higher than usual, is there really a need to add on the pile of misery by putting some man-made perils like racism? JUST THINK!!

In the latest act of Racism, ‘The George Floyd Case’, human life was lost. It doesn’t matter if the person died was Black.

Sports has always been an industry where sportspersons are valued not the basis of their colour but instead their talent and the level of hard work, they put to achieve the goals. We as the audience have never seen ‘Nigro’ as we say it commonly for black people with a different eye than any other players. Many greats of many sports have been ‘BLACK’, but do they face the kind of racism that George Floyd faced, NO. Does Usain Bolt face these acts of racism, or do we see Tiger Woods facing these racist acts, NO, we don’t, instead we praise them and sometimes even revere them indescribably?

If the sports we like and enjoy so much have champions with Black Color to them are not discriminated, then why does this discrimination come in our daily lives where we as humans are already facing so many issues.

Many sports personnel from every sport have commented and showed the stand of togetherness against these racist actions that happened this past 2 weeks.

PAUL POGBA, the famous Manchester United player, shared his views and paid tribute to George Floyd by saying and stressing over the fact that “violent acts of racism can no longer be tolerated and they have to stop.” Pogba even took to Instagram to write: “During the past few days I have thought about what happened in Minneapolis. I felt anger, pity, hatred, indignation, pain and sadness.”

The great boxer Floyd Mayweather even offered to cover ‘George Floyd’s funeral expenses. He even said too many local media reporters that “‘this is nothing but small support to the family who lost their son in this violent act in the name of racism”’.

These statements are proof of how the world of sports is better than our normal world, where we take a life or pass comments just because they are of a different colour.

I ask you audiences why do we always take the road of protest and violence instead of trying not to act the way which ignites these protests or become the reasons of these protests?

Why we do feel the need for chaos?

Are we becoming a species which is intrigued by chaos?

Are law enforcement and their enforcers losing their respect and faith by these acts of violence?

Stand in front of a mirror and think about these critical questions to yourself?

official Writer - Abhishek Jha


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