Swine-flu Overlooked, Corona on Same Track

Today India is fighting with global pandemic COVID-19, in 2009 there was “swine-flu” which got the tag of “pandemic” from WHO. H1N1-flue and COVID-19 are different but some symptoms like cough is same in both diseases, but point is that how authorities and accountable people had overlooked Swine-flue and again they are overlooking Corona Virus.

Nothing Changed with handling of pandemic:

Swine-flu is with us from last 12 years and it is not dead properly, even in India states which have highest number of COVID-19 cases are the same states which registered highest number of H1N1 flu cases. Top 10 state of India (in terms of every year highest registered H1N1 cases in every year), 9 out of them has registered more than 50,000 cases of corona, it means health facility of these states were not that good in 2009 and not so good in 2020. National Centre for Defense Control (NCDC) has stats on swine-flu cases in country as of 23rd Feb 2020, this data tells that every year so many swine-flu cases come in light.

NCDC on Swine-flu:

According to NCDC, in 2009 Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, Karnataka, Telangana, West Bengal, Haryana & Tamil Nadu had registered highest swine-flu cases in overall India and except Haryana all these nine state has already registered more than 50,000 cases of COVID-19.

Swine-flu Killed More People After It Removes ‘Pandemic’ Tag

WHO announced swine-flu ‘Pandemic’ in 2009 & removed that tag in August of 2010. 1st case of Swine-flu was reported in April 2009 in Mexico and 1st case of swine-flue in India reported on 11th June 2009. But swine-flue registered its highest case and claims many deaths in India after WHO removed its ‘Pandemic’ tag. As in 2015, 42000 people were found positive and 3000 were dead by Swine-flu and in 2017, 38000 were found positive and more than 2000 people were dead by swine flu. Stats are looking very normal in front of COVID-19 stats, but we should remember that these numbers are very high for swine because it was not a pandemic which goes with us as long as COVID-19. If 12 years old pandemic can harm about 40,000 to 50,000 people even after losing its pandemic tag, then what would Corona do? Who is responsible for it? and when will people become aware of it that every issue gives them a chance to raise their voice but they are just missing it every time.

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