An attack on one of the premier institution of India by the mob and a mute gesture of Delhi police put a big question mark on India’s dream to mature itself as a democratic nation. Quoting ‘ The Hindu’-‘The JNU attack could not have been carried out without the connivance of those in power’.

The attack is one of the most shameful things which can happen in a democratic nation. Discussion, debates and talk are prescribed by the democratic principles for solving an issue and come to a conclusion, if not favour all, at least majority and not the mob action to shut the voice of opposition. This face of Hindutva, Politics is quite horrible for the country. They are against intellectual in general and institutions in particular as it is clear from this recent JNU incident.

The year of 2019 was a good year for BJP. It won the general election with a majority, revoked article 370 in Kashmir, passed Triple Talaq Act and Citizenship Amendment Act {CAA} and even the supreme court ruled in favour of Ram Temple. This achievement by the party was appreciated by the country and some were opposed. But, these achievements also in a way build a path for the party to construct its Hindutva ideology and propagate it to every corner of the country. And this step is not right at all previous day I was in a tea shop that there were a bunch of mid-aged men talking about politics. From their gesture and their words, it is clear that they are against a particular religion and this policy of Hindutva has been deep-rooted in their heads. According to people- ‘‘the person who questions their culture and who is Muslim does not deserve to live in India’’.

You can draw a picture of India’s future from this statement if this type of mindset is going to prevail. Other than this propaganda, the other crises are that the top leaders of the ruling party who are supposed to address the opposition are absent. They are either in a silent mode or confuses the public with their confusing statements.

The subject of concern for the party – although in the centre BJP is enjoying the overwhelming power its presence in the states is shrinking the most recent is its defeat in Jharkhand. Gujrat CM, Vijay Rupani came to power, but with a reduced Majority. In Haryana BJP needed Jananayak Janata Party help to form govt; In Maharashtra, the BJP’s failure to keep ally with Shiv Shena cost its govt.

Besides these, the recent Mob attack at JNU protests against CAA & NRC attitude of religious domination, job crises economy slowdown, farmer crises, improve the execution of various against it. The party should use its majoritarian policy in the development of the country and not build its vote bank for 2024. If this Hindutva mindset is allowed to rule-free, it would destroy the country. And PM Modi has to understand this because one wrong step by the party can put the county’s future into stoke.


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