Three points with Clear Intension.

From few month conflict between India and China is going on along LAC ( Line of actual) tension along with border increases and people also have a feeling of anxiety and also too much curious to know that what is exactly happened along the border and the government take what step to resolve the situation of conflict between India and China. Answer to these questions have explained by prime minister Modi indirectly and speech was given in time near Leh.

Our prime minister Mr Modi had visited Nimu near Leh in Ladakh to fulfil several objectives it was a surprise visit to Ladakh where he visited the soldiers injured during the Galwan clash of June 15 and address troops involved in the standoff with China. (At least 3 PLA soldiers, including CO, killed on June 15 Galwan clash – Economic Times)

In his speech, he focussed on 3 messages to be delivered: -

First, the biggest message of Chinese leadership where he said that “the age of expansionism” is over and India's determination to protect its territory was as high as the Himalayas. he said that countries across the world were now witnessing the area of development. Second, he addresses the citizens of that of government determination to face the challenges of LAC and to focus on national priorities of infrastructure and economic development. Finally, he addresses the soldiers themselves and put his respect to what 20 Indian soldiers’ martyrs in Galway clash.

China’s aggression rising all over its neighbourhood and China sea, islands of Japan, over Taiwan, the territory of India and Bhutan, and also Some part of Russia. But due to this visit India send a clear message to China that India is ready to give the proper answer to China’s aggressive policy.PM Modi traditional of peace with bravery that indicates India’s stances over this issue that wants peace and stability in the region and diplomatic option would be exhausted before my action.

Many people tweeted related to this thing some appreciated it but also some people criticised it.

Since when #nimu become a forward post? it's a tourist spot. A person who couldn't say China even once and only busy in PR excel use and nothing more. Rubbish - Lt Col Duhoon (Veteran)

PM Modi visit to Leh is important and send a good message of solidarity with the troops especially after his comments on June 19th if he was criticized for that he must be acknowledged for this. - Priyanka Chaturvedi (Indian Politician)

Why is Mr Modi scared to visit Galvan & Pangong? Isn't it our territory? Fake PR if you have guts show 56 inch in Galwan & Pangong. Darpok Chowkidar! - Salman Nizami (Congress Leader)

Leading from the front is the hallmark of PM Modi. Every crisis is converted into an opportunity to serve the country. Jai Hind - Meenakshi Lekhi (Member of Parliament)

This step by our pm to talk with the Indian troops in the wake of distress along borders is the welcome step. His unspoken message should also be studied closely there should be proper angling between the Government of India and Indian troops the PM decision to visit the troop near the LAC is appropriate and well teamed it would provide strength to the Indian troops. It encourages our brave soldier other country think before taking step against US people get satisfied that our government is taking steps for our security.

Official Writer - Sweta Kumari

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