Top Mobile Trend Of 2019

The year 2019 is about to end but what a year its been for smartphone technologies. The industry had been hyperactive towards competing and innovating at a breakneck pace while greatly influencing the value to price ratio. It was a year in which one of the most anticipating concepts like foldable phones finally became reality while advancing the design and capabilities of the regular smartphones by leaps and bounds. It went from phones having 48- megapixels cameras to having 108- megapixel shooters all in a single year. The year 2019 not only showed advancement in technological aspect but the consumers also became more conscious about the software, regular updates, accessibility, security patches, and other such aspects.

But being fair is always not possible, the same thing is happening to me. The Year 2019 ushered tons of new trends and turned many hypothetical and absurd ideas into mainstream stuff, which makes it very difficult in selecting any particulars and neglecting other.

1.) Foldable phones became reality

Unlike 2019, in the year 2018 at the same point of time, the thought of foldable phones only existed in the realm of conceptual videos that we generally watched on YouTube. But Samsung started 2019 with a bang by reproducing our thoughts and absurd idea of a foldable phone into reality and announced the world’s first mainstream foldable smartphone- the Galaxy Fold. With its top of the line hardware and peculiar design that would make any tech lovers drooling and also giving a promise of an altogether new and different smartphone experience. Joining the trend and following on the footsteps of Samsung other companies like Huawei with its Huawei MATE X and Motorola with its Motorola Razor (2019) also joined the fray. There was one more company that didn’t launch its foldable phone but gave us a peek at its novel foldable phone Xiaomi. Yes, there are galore of issues regarding the foldable phones, especially when it comes to its durability and cost to value ratio. But then, we should remember that products like Galaxy FOLD and Huawei MATE X are the first generation products, and as the saying goes, innovation is the byproduct of continuous and rigorous failures. Huawei is already rumoured to launch its second generation of the foldable phone in the early next year, so does Samsung, giving a clear message that foldable phones are here to stay. So all the tech lovers look forward to next year and the second generation of foldable smartphones.

2.) More Immersive designs

While customers still linger with fear that most smartphones look alike from the front which is correct up to some extent. But then came 2019 and we saw many smartphone companies trying out new and different design to freshen things up. With companies like Xiaomi introducing gradient design in their flagship smartphone, Redmi K20 and K20 Pro, which brought upon a craze for this particular smartphone making it the best flagship phone of the year. Companies not only made design changes on the backside of the phone but designs upgrades like in-display fingerprint became much more accessible. Companies have tried to be as inventive and innovative in their approach towards gaining an edge over other companies by in terms of phone design.

3.) Improved phone camera quality

We have seen growth in camera quality of smartphones but in 2019 the companies took the growth to a whole different level. The year started with companies like Oneplus, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. Bringing smartphones with a 48-megapixel camera and when we thought that this couldn’t be surpassed, Realme brought its smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera in form of Realme X. The year-end saw another twist in the tale of camera section of smartphones with Xiaomi bringing its Redmi NOTE 10 & NOTE 10 pro equipped with 108 megapixels camera. With so many types of the camera coming to light, the year 2019 saw a real revolution in the camera section of the smartphones. We started the year with seeing world with different perspective by the help of the introduction of the wide-angle lens that became a craze and left the consumers asking for more and the companies never ceased to amaze us with the continuous development and introduction of different type 0f lenses like the portrait lens, the wide-angle lens, ultra-wide-angle lens and a dedicated macro lens. The cameras were the highlight of the year and every company tried to bring out the best version of the camera they could produce.

-Abhishek Jha

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