Transformation of Television to Digital streaming

Today what we have on our television screens is so distinct from the content a decade ago. Television has reciprocated itself on the grounds of various parameters, from viewership to the production and the streaming. Vastly the difference comes is on the shifting of Television content to the digital platforms. In this digital world where everything is altering itself in the digital content. Television Industry also goes through immense remarkable changes.

This shift towards the digitalization of content has acquired a massive impact on cable subscriptions. Where content is emerging a click away then why to spend to get subscriptions. But this emergence does not mean the disappearance of the cable industry. As times change new inventions come along but the running industry also accumulates itself. As it is the undeniable fact that viewers concentrate on the content they want to keep an eye on not on its viewing platform. It's just mattered with which they are more comfortable and notably, if they have options, they choose best out of them.

Television is one of the biggest revenue generated Industry and perceived as highly profitable. It’s primarily based on viewing habits. Earlier, the main source of entertainment was television, all the content whether it is movies, daily soaps, travelogue, News, sports are encompassed by only one means. But now viewing habits changed with the introduction of several new digital services. But due to this new intervention television also got mass popularity and grew itself much faster. The change in content and context is one of the best examples of this transformation. The production of big-budget television shows has excelled hights in a very short span of time. If we look at the shows telecasted a decade ago, they have small production units, with limited cast & crew and have their specified areas and locations, the production houses do not spend so much on the sets, locations, costumes but now production houses are ready to spend for the expensive sets, casting best actors, best locations to get their pre-decided outcomes. Now things are changing as “Jo Dikhta Hia Vo Bikta Hai’’. From Pavitra Rishta of Balaji telefilms in 2009 to Kasautii Zindagii Kay in 2019 we can discover a huge difference in many aspects. This modifying scenario has generated the viewer's interest. And through the digitalisation of all these content through streaming services, television got more popularity than earlier.

Video entertainment goes a long way from the decades passing on and sums itself in a new way which has no idea for this transition. Nowadays, viewers are most benefited from this changing environment as they have got two platforms which comfort to the fullest. The ecosystem of television commute with technology as Television is renovating to smart TVs. It is satisfactory and has grown in the TV industry itself. It’s just like glancing from both the platforms, binge-watching from digital platforms and live cricket matches from Television

Considerably most of the television channels have their digital platforms. On these digital platforms more than television content, many other contents are available for the viewers. For digital attributes, some special streaming is produced. This is the new wave of live streaming known a web series, gain rage in recent years as anyone with little knows-how and smartphone with internet connectivity can access and enjoy.

Thus, Television is not diminishing either it is evolving, and goes hands in hand with the digital world, which has offered new doors to transform itself in a profitable way. These modifications are new, Change is not harmed it comes with something more constructive, change itself is constant, that’s why it’s important to stay to evolve things rather than stick in the same parameters.

Official Writer - Atisha Agarwal

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