We don’t have a National Game

We consider peacock as our national bird because of its rich religious and legendary involvement in Indian tradition. Similarly, we consider Jan Gan Man as our National Anthem because it is written by Indian and describes India in the most beautiful manner. But even though why Hockey is considered as our national sport it did not originate from India neither it brings glory by winning on the international level. This might give a little shock but Hockey was never declared as our national sport. The quest began in 2012 when a girl of class 6, Aishwarya Parashar, does some inquiry about when the official declaration of the national anthem, sport, song, bird, animal, flower, and the country’s symbol was done. Back in 2012 when the question was raised, The Union Ministry of Youth Affair and Sport said that they didn’t find any official notification or order which calls Hockey our national sport. SPS Tomar, undersecretary, Union Ministry of Youth Affair and Sport added that "It's known to be a national game in general parlance.”

Years later another query was made to RTI by Mayuresh Agarwal, a school teacher who filled the query after his student asked why Hockey was declared a National sport. To reply to his query, the ministry said that, “The government has not declared any sport/game as the National Game of the country, as the objective of the government is to encourage/promote all popular sports disciplines.” There a number of queries and questions were raised regarding the same question but no action was ever taken from the government. We assume that the government is really busy with making our nation a strong independent nation. There should be some action taken regarding this topic as it is about the glory of our nation. Also, small students are forced to remember the wrong information. This practice should be stopped. Let us check some history and get to know why hockey was considered as the national game in the first place. It was the most dominating game especially at our debut in the Olympics in the Summer Game in 1928. Since then India was unstoppable for six decades. From 1928 to 1980 India won, six Gold medals and it became a golden era for hockey. After 1980, the depletion of the game began. Lately, hockey turns out to be a major disappointment on the international stage. Indian team managed to be in fifth place but didn’t qualify for the honor yet. As per our growth rate Hockey is considered to be an expensive game and not everyone can afford it.

To check for more information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Zw3q71vwM Which game should be considered as our national game? Similar to our languages India brings a long list of games played all over India. It will be a hard decision for the government to choose one out of all. There is a lot of achievement made by the Indian cricket team. It is also one of the most popular games in India. But popularity can not be the only reason for putting cricket on the status of our national sport. Another factor is that similar to hockey cricket is also an expensive game, one needs to purchase a bat, balls, other gears including gloves, shoes, helmet, etc. India has a larger section for people under privilege. This factor makes it less inaccessible to the major population. On the other hand, Football in a much more inexpensive sport. It is widely played in South India and it widely getting popularity in youth. We can find boys and girls playing football in narrow streets in India whereas popular celebrities organizing events for football. Other than this people also considers Kho Kho and Kabaddi as our national game but these games never came into a preference for the majority.

Official Writer: Honey Arora

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